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we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country. the winter remix descending on the chicago area. if you committed to work or sat in traffic expect more bad weather for your evening trictrip home. all areas north of interstate 90. the advisory last until 9:00 p.m.. the rental switch over to snow and will definitely be a factor. the airport has canceled
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over 200 flights in anticipation of the storm. all of the details later in the show. the northeast is bracing for massive winter storms that could bring 20 to 30 in. of snow. most of southern new england could see blizzard conditions. hills start tomorrow morning with the heaviest amounts dumped that night and saturday. the storm hit just after the 35th anniversary of the historic blizzard that paralyzed the region. >> it has been a pretty tense week since a lunch room brawl on monday. another fight on tuesday which led to 18 arrests. the students have yet to return and they now facing possible explosions that have extra
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plainclothes officers working today. there closely monitoring all vehicles. when we find threats we review them and we look into it. we see if the information is good or not. school officials say there have been no further incidents since tuesday. measures are in place to prevent another violent outbreak. school officials said in a statement that this safe and remain safe. that is the latest from hillside.
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students are back in class today in west chicago district 33. where a teacher strike has now ended. the west chicago teachers went on strike monday.. after talks broke down between the two sides. the teachers and the school board reached a tentative agreement overnight. the teachers union is expected to present the agreement to its members for approval later today. a new report suggests federal authorities have offered former congressman jesse jackson junior a plea deal that includes significant jail time. the sun-times says the offer is now on the table. jackson is being investigated on allegations he misused campaign funds. the sun-times also reports that jackson's wife, sandi, feels like she was made the scapegoat ... now that she is being investigated separately. the scrutiny into sandi jackson includes claims she had access to her husband's congressional money.
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she resigned as chicago's seventh ward alderman last month. the house ethics committee is recommending a full investigation of illinois congressman aaron schock. schock is accused of soliciting more than five thousand dollars for a political action committee to help fellow republican adam kinzinger in the 16th district g-o-p primary last year. investigators say three days before the primary. the "campaign for primary accountability" pac received at least 115 thousand dollars in contributions as a result of efforts by schock and his campaign committee. schock has denied any wrongdoing. drew peterson's former attorney joel brodsky is suing another peterson attorney and the tribune company, among others charging he was defamed. brodsky's libel suit says a letter from attorney steven greenberg claimed brodsky was a liar and an incompetent lawyer. brodsky accuses greenberg, seen here in the white shirt, of writing the letter as revenge for brodsky's attempt to fire greenberg as one of peterson's attorneys. the tribune company is named in the lawsuit for publishing information from greenberg's
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letter. to slap heavier fines on people get drunk. everybody loves a parade but maybe not a day like today before you know it operates season will be here. the first parade of the season will be here. it is an irish parade. the aldermen has decided to take a preemptive step. >> grow into an era of notorious drinking fast. forcing organizers to cancel a. after a brief hiatus in made a relatively trouble-free comeback last year. haldeman is hoping
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to have it stay that way. the funds for intoxication by minor up to $500 or 25 hours of community service. fine for public urination of the vacation within 800 ft. to $1,000. >> if you want to come to act foolish and print the log. you're going to suffer the consequences. he says the committee has a great parade lined up with about 100 entrants. he credits last year's success. working with the chicago police department hiring outdoor security. we really feel strongly that in order for our parade to be successful it needs
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to maintain its safe and family friendly nature. this will only reinforce that. this parade amendment ordinance will apply to all prates not just the south side parade. that has to the full city council on wednesday for a vote. to pass is there goes to an into effect immediately. this do in the parade will be held chicago's gay pride parade and festival are being split up this year. in the past, gay pride month ended with 72-hours of celebrations. but this june, the parade will be held the weekend after pride fest. a food, arts and entertainment fair. the change is partly to alleviate pressure on chicago police who patrol the big events.
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850-thousand people attended shares pride festival began saturday and sunday june 22nd and 20 there. coming up next the manhunt in los angeles for a former police officer accused of killing three people including another officer. also ahead, police find a mentally challenged teen handcuffed in his father's basement in missouri. and, new jersey governor chris christie is firing back at a former white house doctor who made comments about his weight.
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a massive manhunt is under way across southern california for a former cop accused of murdering three people to get revenge for being fired. investigators say a suspect matching christopher dorner's description shot three officers this morning. killing one. dorner also is believed to be responsible for killing the daughter of a former los angeles police captain and her fiance last sunday. police say he posted a manifesto online. threatening "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" against
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current and former police officials and their families. dorner is also a former navy reservist. a mentally challenged teen was found handcuffed in the basement of his family home and says he was there for more than three months. police in kansas city, missouri, say the teen was very thin and was dressed in dirty clothes. he told officers he was unchained three times a day to go to the bathroom. he ate instant oatmeal, noodles and bologna sandwiches. his older brother said the punishment was for hitting his step-mother. the teen was taken to the hospital and is now with child welfare. no charges have been filed. a mentally challenged teen was found handcuffed in the basement of his family home and says he was there for more than three months. police in kansas city, missouri, say the teen was very thin and
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the country released this video claiming the decoded a u.s. reconnaissance drone planes. it shows the u.s. base inside afghanistan and several other aerial shots. there reportedly drawn lost in december 2011. they insist they captured that missing plane. thethe obama administration hands over to the senate intelligence committee today. a classified document that justifies the killing of americans who are members of al-qaeda. the justice department memo says the u-s government may kill any american overseas. if a high- ranking government official believes they are top operatives for the terror group. the document says the government doesn't need to wait until an attack on america is imminent. the white house is sharing the memo in response to complaints about the secrecy of its drone
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policy. the obama administration hands over to the senate intelligence committee today. a classified document that justifies the killing of americans who are members of al-qaeda. expected to face. he is also expected to explain his role in the detention and interrogation role. new jersy governor chris christie is blasting a former white house physician who said christie's weight might cause him to die in office. christie toured the city of sea girt, new jersey yesterday and talked with people there about damage from superstorm sandy. but he was also asked about comments by dr. connie mariano who said christie's health was "like a time bomb" and that she worried he might have a heart attack or a stroke. >> this is just another hackle want five minutes on television. it is completely irresponsible.
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my children saw that last night. she sat there on tv and say i'm afraid he's going to die in office. i am in private practice. i see many patients every day. i have patients to suffer with obesity. over 30 percent of americans suffer from obesity. it is a huge problem. >> he has even poked fun at himself most recently in an appearance on the david letterman show. just ahead it's being considered an epidemic. how the number of alzheimers patients will triple in the coming decades. and, still to come this midday: some airlines are waiving change fees for those affected by snowstorms. and later in lunchbreak: cooking instructoreant dh
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fewer people are heading to the unemployment line. first-time jobless claims fell slightly last week to 356,000. economists were predicting a larger decrease. over the last week's jobless numbers have been a lot tile making it tough to get a good reading of what exactly is going on with the job market. as far as markets today stocks are falling amid its disappointing earnings. u.s. workers' productivity fell more than projected in the fourth quarter. faulty bolts used in safety equipment. that is what does the u.s. telling energy companies to suspend work aboard deep water rigs in use the hardware. connectors drilling tubes to safety gear installing new boats will take about three weeks for each rank to resume their drilling. we have been talking about this for a while. u.s.
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sources are telling u.s. airlines and american airlines are trying to agree on terms of a merger deal. still undecided right now almost surehow ownership would be split. a deal would create the world's largest airline. i'm a meteorologist but a winter storm appears to be brewing so get ready for more scenes like these is that snowstorm hits the northeast. the airlines are already making it a little bit easier to book alternate arrangements. that is the latest in business. coming up next the plan to build private rooms that can be rented by the hour at o'hare for tired travelers. and a special anniversary. the longest-married couple in the country celebrate 80 years
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whitehouse tells us that the first lady michelle obama will travel to chicago to attend the funeral services for the 15 year-old who shot in the back last week while at a part. the
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reward to find her killer has reached $40,000. her funeral is scheduled for saturday. prosecutors are seeking a 20 year sentence for the former controller. pleaded guilty last december to wire fraud. the largest theft of government funds in illinois history. she used the money to pay for a lavish lifestyle. her attorney says that 20 years would essentially be a death sentence for a 60 year-old. she is sentenced to be scheduled next week. the aviation committee approved a proposal to build. hundred $20 for an overnight stay. the plan also calls for
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putting up three spots. the deal is expected to bring into million dollars a year. 80 years and still going strong. 80-years and still going strong. a connecticut couple now holds the record for the longest marriage in the u-s. a union going 80-years strong making a connecticut husband and wife the longest married couple in the u-s. ali reed has details. john and ann betar have been married for more than 80 years. at 101 years old and 97 years old respectively they are the country's longest married couple. we just fell in love, that's all. and. can you believe it's been 80 years? they said it wouldn't last! they tied the note on november 25, 1932. and have been by each other's side ever since. so what's their secret? 80 years, you know it's just contentment. 80 years of really living. normally. just contentment. she's no problem. she's always never worked. she's always a cook, took care of her family. good
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mother. great mother. he's always got his hand on my knee or my hair. the happy couple met in bridgeport. in fact their houses were right here. they lived right across the street from each other. but their union almost never happened. that's because ann's parents had arranged for her to marry someone else. that's when john and ann took matters into their own hands and eloped." we went to harrison, new york. we didn't have any money to go any further. they went on to have five kids, 14 grandchildren and 16 great- grandchildren. your love grows. and it grows in very good directions for the two of us. their record breaking union has meant the phone at their fairfield house has not stopped ringing. john and ann can't believe they hold the record. hope it kind of surprised me there aren't anymore.
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a delightful story. still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast!
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he was injured earlier this week in a stunt gone wrong on the stage of the lyric opera. today, actor wesley daniel is being released from the hospital. wgn's julian crews is live at loyola medical center with the story. julian? doctors say that this young man was extremely fortunate not to suffer injuries to his eyes when a fireball exploded. he is still here at loyola university medical center for the time being. doctors say he will soon be released. he is in good
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spirits. we're going to take him home. let him be what he wants. let him watch what he wants. and more than ready to bring his son home. ready to watch his favorite television shows and relax at home and the recuperate. after three nights in the burn unit. the young actor was in a dress rehearsal at the lyric opera when a fire breathing secrets one bed. according to eyewitness accounts. briefly lighting his face mask and neck area on fire. the instantly drop off of his stilts. crewmembers quickly came to his aid. this is according to the father and
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other witnesses. the father was in the audience watching the dress rehearsal. the stage crew ran with fire extinguishers and he had paramedics' there within a matter of minutes. he was rushed to hospital in serious to critical condition. he was later transferred to loyola medical center. he had a breathing tube inserted for a certain period of time. there was concern that maybe he had damaged his airway or lungs. luckily that does not appear to be the case. his father telling us that he has very hoarse. he is having a difficult time talking. he is bandages around his face. luckily he will not suffer any permanent scarring according to doctors. he certainly needs a little time to rest. no word yet on how soon if he plans to return to the production that
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opens tomorrow. >> it is amazing. we're doing a piece on the de-icing. we were over with the ground crew at united airlines. cows up there and ran the little machine. is it possible that somebody flying out today is on a plan that was de iced by tom skilling. the professionals took over and did it the right way. what in his group of folks. we'll be hearing
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that next week. the big news is precipitation is changing over to snow. house as to mention that the bank of session is off tonight. heavy snow reported in other places as well. this is what we're looking in chicago. pretty good rain was coming down for awhile. mostly rain in the southern suburbs. the snow is falling in northern sections of our viewing area. it is starting to stick on all of the roads in that area. conditions going downhill. the rains will be sagging self. the main energy here, another pretty vigorous system appear. these
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will consolidate into a mammoth storm. the northeast is in for quite a blow this weekend. all of this translates to accumulating snow. the best thinking, this has been in the evolving forecast. the latest factors would suggest something in the order of 3-6 in. to chicago. where's the demarcation? ear is. that is lake county. rain down in the southern suburbs. as rains is edging ever farther south word. it will reach into the city as the day goes on.
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visibility's go down to a mile and a half. only a quarter mile now. this is the weather but camera view from harvard. ec visibility's coming. these visibility's drop as no increases. temperatures range from 31 at highland park. here's what happens the rest of the afternoon. prince said south. patches of snow that will involve some moisture into early tomorrow. and you have to
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get the sun to shine tomorrow afternoon. his investment on snowfall. amounts pick up here. unhaired macy 4 in.. we are in one of 14 states under weather advisers. storm warnings north. of course all kinds of winter storm watches including clause of watches in boston and areas there. sharp demarcation in temperature between cold beer and warmer air. temperatures falling to freezing and the northern suburbs. this brings
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cold air into the mix. there'll be an explosion of the east coast. it develops this huge wind and snow regime that reaches back to new york city and boston. here's a closer look at our rains by evening. look at the moisture that is going to fire back. this is new york city. here's hartford connecticut. as far as amounts look at some of these totals that are expected out here. over 30 in. in boston possibly. look at the winds. these are predicted wind gusts. this is this evening. the wind gusts will be going from 60 mi. per hour to 60 m.p.h. out in
12:37 pm
cape cod. we're going to be hearing a lot more in many areas like boston. they could produce three times the 10 in. of snow that has come down in total this season. this'll be a historic store modiste. snow baby heavy at times. hi 34. southeast wind shift north. tonight that transition to snow will spread. ultimately we will get about three-6 in. for. temperatures tonight.
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>> time for today's trivia. on this day in 1812 charles dickens was born. which novel by dickens was the first to be published in its entirety? a. the posthumous papers of the pickwick club b. barnaby rudge c. little dorrit
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good afternoon. your midday winning lotto numbers >>winning pick3 numbers 3,0,0 moving on to pick4 >>winning pick4 numbers
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2,3,0,9 join us friday night for megamillions jackpot 12 million dollars. time for sports. the blackhawks road trip continues in phoenix tonight where marian hossa will have his first meeting against the man who ended his season last year.
12:43 pm
raffi torres just completed his 21- game suspension for his illegal hit on hossa in the playoffs. torres has already played two games, and says he is a changed man. he says right after the hit, he worked to change his style of play. hossa says he will not retaliate, and it's just another game for him. puck drops at eight tonight. also the bulls visit denver tonight, right here on wgn. bears ticket prices are going up again, and they'll continue to rise, even though the team failed to make the playoffs. season tickets increased an average of four- point- two- percent for next season. team president ted phillips says they'll have to keep going up due to the market size, small stadium capacity, and city taxes. last year, bears tickets ranked fourth- highest in the n-f-l.
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asian could be facing an alzheimer's explosion. researchers from the university medical center followed a 11,000 older people in chicago for nearly two decades. there will be nearly 14 million people with alzheimer's in the u.s. by the year 2015. triple the number in 2010. the world health organization projects that there'll be an hundred and 15 million people with alzheimer's worldwide by 2015. the
12:47 pm
researchers analyzed data on 160 stroke patients. they did 18- 1055 that were admitted to hospitals and had urine test. stroke patients are twice as likely to test positive for marijuana. it is the first case control study to show a possible link between an increased risk of stroke for marijuana. we're welcoming back one of our regular chefs. she is back this time with a recipe for pork dumplings. [ washer and dryer sounds
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] for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy. a lot of you may have heard about probiotics but may not realize what they can do for your health. we know what it takes to look good on the outside but with 70% of our immune system located in our gut the core of our health is truly on the inside. that's why i take new trubiotics. it's a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. one helps support digestive health the other immune health. stay true to your health. new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day.
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friend to the job cooking instructor is back with another recipe. today we are learning how to make pork dumplings. here having a big celebration for chinese new year. i've had people asking me to do something for chinese new year a lot of people love to celebrate it. this is the biggest how the in china. you did bring some great decorations in today. pekingese
12:51 pm
ground pork. i just use the ground chicken today. what is the difference in shape. >>those are dumplings. i have chicken here. i am going to use some mushroom. it is very simple. chop some water chestnuts. add a little bit of pepper and green onions. a little bit of sugar. add a little bit of soy salt. add a n egg to hold it to gether.
12:52 pm
mix very well. ready to make. i already have some pre-made. you can use the dumpling wrappers or the wanton wrappers. either one will work. put it onto a flat surface. use one hand and tyr to hold it and put a little bit more on top.
12:53 pm
>>you leave them open like that. about 2 in of water. steam about 810-10 minutes. sprinkle a little bit of green onions. this is awesome to serve as appetizer or whole meal. call
12:54 pm
lisa very typical. that is what it is. the coding for the sesame seeds. the year of the snake. >> if you're bored in the year you need to wear red underwear. >> at his good fortune. chinese people are very big on those two.
12:55 pm
>> drive away evil spirits and brings good fortune. if you're born in the air of the blacksnake's you have to pull out the red underpants as well. >>go to or we can link you at this is america.
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on this day in 1812 charles dickens was born. which novel by dickens was the first to be published in its entirety? a. the posthumous papers of the pickwick club b. barnaby rudge c. little dorrit the answer is a. >>it is snowing. we are told 1-2 inches. no accumulating fast. while it is all liquid in the southern suburbs where amounts will be far less generous in
12:58 pm
terms of snow accumulation we can get 3-6 in. from the city north. visibility is very good indicator of snow intensity. our story goes on to produce a mammoth weather system of levees coast. >> there might even be a thunderstorm. you'll see the gradient as amounts increase as the head north across the city. it is going to bomb out as we say in meteorology. this one
12:59 pm
will do that. it is going to bring the northeast incredible snow. they foot or more. these winds out there will be phenomenal. even 70 mi. per hour when gus cohen to parts of new england. harold dive software. see how we kicked the white and purple is no.. s north i want to show you the 7 day. snow showers monday and tuesday.

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